Why Podcasters should avoid Free Tools for recording Interviews

How To Record Podcast Interviews

Three years ago, I had written a post on Medium called 7 ways to record podcasts online. Today the list will have atleast 15 options. Even companies that offer streaming services, such as Spreaker, have created tools for podacsters to create content with. As for the paid options, the prices are lower? Podcasters should really take advantage of them.

Image showing Paid tools for Podcast Recording. Blog by Amar Vyas on Podcasting
(Paid) Tools for Podcast Recording. Most of the above have free trials or Free Plans which have limited capabilities.

Capex and Opex Model for Podcasting

If an up front monthly or annual fee seems very high, look at the planned production volume for the next quarter or year. That will help you in justifying the investment. In the physical world, for a project in manufacturing or in construction, this is called investing in capital expenses or Capex. Next, measure the recurring expenses in terms of cost per hour of production.This is called operating expense or Opex. A simple way of calculating could be as follows:

How to Translate the Capex/Opex Model to Podcasting

You can treat the cost of recording equipment and any investment in recording software or tools as Capex. Opex will be internet, electricity, editing, and license or subscription fees for music or podcast hosting, and so on. Overhead typically could be your time, and intangibles.

Summing it all up

A simple breakeven was achieved in the third month itself, and a couple of months later, the investment paid itself off. The paid version of Zencastr and many other tools offers basic editing such as cleaning and leveling. This means we could save on the editing effort, time and money as well.



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