Why Co-Branded Podcasts are a Win-Win For All

Publishing Next ‘16- MyKitaab Cast is the first event specific, co-branded podcast produced by us

Last week, I was at the beautiful city of Kochi in Kerala in southern India, attending the Publishing Next 2016. This annual conference on Publishing talks about the challenges faced by the publishing industry in India. Compared to a typical literary festival, Publishing Next is a networking and brainstorming event for publishers. And also a great opportunity to collaborate.

MyKitaab Podcast is the Podcasting Partner for this event. MyKitaab is the first podcast on book publishing in India, and I am the creator and host of this show. I had interviewed Leonard Fernandes, the co-founder of Cinnamon Teal Publishing and also the co-founder of Publishing Next back in February 2016. At that time, MyKitaab was one of the two shows produced by Kamakshi Media, my digital media startup.

(note: I have used I and we intermittently in thi spost, because my wife and Co-Founder of Kamakshi Media was also a co-conspirator)

How we developed the format for this podcast

This was the first conference for which we were going to record the shows on site, and we had very little idea about how to create a podcast for an event. In a way, we went back to the basics and structured it as follows:

Pre-event promotions: We also recorded a special episode for MyKitaab Podcast, where I interviewed Leonard Fernandes, the co-founder of this event. We also conducted interviews of five speakers before the event.

During the event: I recorded six of the sessions, and three shorter interviews: feedback from the participants for this event.

Post-event: In addition to recording event summaries, we will record post-event follow up interviews of two or three of the speakers to get their feedback about this event, and suggestions for future incarnations of the conference.

While this may seem like a very basic scope, it gave us clarity about the level of time and effort, and the resources we would needed to pull this off.

Putting It All Together

We had initially uploaded the five pre-event interviews on Soundcloud, but now we have created a dedicated channel for this event on Audioboom, who are our media hosts.

A Win-Win For All

In the past 24 hours since this channel was set up, the audio shows have been heard over 25 times, with minimal promotions. Over a period of time, the listenership is bound to get to thousands. In other words, the content from the event will be heard by far more listeners, who otherwise might not had a chance to access it. The organizers of the conference can showcase this podcast and/ or the audio channel for the event to sponsors for the subsequent events. Podcasts provide analytics, such as how many times has the show been heard, where are the listeners coming from. And to the sponsors, it provides a greater ROI. They get an opportunity to reach out to far more people- readers, book lovers, publishing professionals, with very little incremental effort. And as a podcast producer, we get to showcase the content as a package that we can offer to other conference organizers.

Publishing Next ‘16-MyKitaab Cast will be available on iTunes, Facebook, and MyKitaab Websites

About the Publishing Next ‘16- MyKitaab Cast: This podcast is brought to you by MyKitaab Podcast, and it covers Publishing Next 2016. This series features select audio recordings from the Publishing Next 2016 Conference which was held in Kochi from Septener 15–17, 2016. There are three parts to this audio series: pre-event interviews, recordings of select sessions and panel discussions, and finally, post-event feedback. To learn most about this event, visit www.publishingnext.in.

Creator- Gaatha Story- Podcast of Children's Stories. Cofounder Kamakshi Media and Author. Husband, dog lover. Country Manager for FSC, India. www.amarvyas.com

Creator- Gaatha Story- Podcast of Children's Stories. Cofounder Kamakshi Media and Author. Husband, dog lover. Country Manager for FSC, India. www.amarvyas.com