The Rise of AI powered Writing Apps

Background : AI for copywriting

Several writing apps have been doing the rounds in the past few months, that use artificial intelligence tools. Many of them use GPT2 technology, whereas others use the shiny new GPT3 .

Use of AI apps for copywriting. Blog and image by Amar Vyas (
Use of AI Apps for Copywriting

The List of AI powered writing tools

Types of Content Creation

a. Blog posts and Long form posts (blog posts: typically 600 words or longer)

b. Short posts of a couple of hundred words, that describe the nature of business for an organization, event invitation, etc.

c.Headlines and promotional text for social media sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

d. And finally, maybe product descriptions for any new service, books, etc.

e. Product Reviews

f. Last but not the least, copy for newsletters and other outreach activities.

use of Artificial Intelligence tools for Copywriting. Blog post and Image by Amar Vyas (
Image: Amar Vyas

In my opinion, AI based writing tools should be seen as (healthy) competition and not as a threat.



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