The Rise of AI powered Writing Apps

Background : AI for copywriting

In August 2020, I had written a post about (and using)Kafkai on my blog. Kafkai is an artificial intelligence based writing tool. This tool helps you prepare drafts for blog posts headlines, social media promotions, etc. At that point in time, The software was in early stages of development left much to be desired. Thepotentiapresented by the idea was exciting. Since then, the market for such tools has evolved, and today there are at least seven or eight tools in this space. Many of these SaaS tools follow the Premium model, though some offer a free trial.

Use of AI apps for copywriting. Blog and image by Amar Vyas (
Use of AI Apps for Copywriting

The List of AI powered writing tools

The tools that I have cataloged so far are mentioned below.

Types of Content Creation

There are four or five major categories of written content that content marketers would typically require. These form a part of their content calendar or content marketing strategy. Below are some major categories.

use of Artificial Intelligence tools for Copywriting. Blog post and Image by Amar Vyas (
Image: Amar Vyas

Getting Started: Putting the tools to use

I typically follow a multi-step approach in my writing, a standard practice followed by many folks. Typically, this means using a different tool for each step. Below is my writing process. You will find mention of the tools for each step.



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