Podcasters’ Meet in Bengaluru

Last Saturday (July 7th) about 15 of us met in central Bengaluru, at the second Podcaters’ meet in the city. Organized by Saif of The Musafir Stories Podcast and hosted by Pankaj of Factor Daily, the event was an awesome experience. My wife and co-founder of gaatha story, Minu, and I met fellow podcasters, and it was a great hour and half long session where we shared experiences, aspirations, milestones and challenges with our respective podcasting journeys.

p.s: before we dive into the podcasters’ meet, we launched the Startup Nibbles Podcast today, which beings to you curated startup stories in audio. At two episodes young, we have a long way to go. So please give it a listen when you get a chance, and we would love to hear your feedback. Help us in making this new show better!

It was great to see that the turnout had increased 3X from the first to the second edition.

In November 2016 in fact, I had travelled to a podacsters’ meetup organized by Audioboom in Mumbai, and I was the only two non-Mumbai folks present (the other one had flown in from Delhi). So I was very happy to see the diversity of the shows as well as the podcasters themselves.

What do podcasters discuss when they meet?

Analytics, Advertising, Patreon and Marketing, of course!

Bengaluru Podcasters’ Meet, July 2018

The hot topic of discussion was of course analytics. The experienced folks in the groups tried to highlight that analytics were important, but it was futile to remain stuck with the numbers. We also had a good discussion on advertisers and advertising, and the feedback was quite similar: it was important to build the show rather than worrying about the money.

The option of getting donations through Patreon was discussed, but there is a quirky rule from the Reserve Bank of India (India’s Central Bank) [note:paywalled link] which prevents monthly auto deductions or payment, not to mentions regulations on receiving money from outside the country. Considering the level of compliance requirements, this option may not be feasible for most Indian podcasters.

Finally, there was a very interesting discussion around marketing and getting android users to subscribe to podcasts. A lot of discussions may be familiar to the veteran marketers and podcasters, so I will skip the details or maybe talk about them in a subsequent post.

Second Bengaluru Podcasters’ Meet, July 2018. Image Courtesy: Saif, Musafir Stories Podcast

Who are the Podcasters and What Shows Do They Host?

  1. Adil: Host of Belong Accelerate.
    Adilworks with a HR and placement startup called Belong.His show, has a thought leadership focus, and target listeners are CHROs (Chief Human Resource Officers) and CXOs in large organizations.
  2. Akash and Athni: Yet to launch a podcast.
    Akash works in a marketing startup and Athni works with a distillery (she raised the spirits of the group when she told where she worked!). Their idea is to launch a show on India’s dying languages.
  3. Dilip and Puja: Dilip is the host of the DK Speaks Podcast, Puja is a food blogger and host of the Tastes of India Podcast.
    Puja has been a blogger since 2008. Puja and Dilip are planning a new show that will train people on blogging.
  4. Kartik : Host of Design Your Thinking Podcast
    Kartik launched his podcast in October 2016, and Season 1 of the weekly show concluded after 134 episodes. (That’s a really long season!)
  5. Naga: Passion People Podcast
    Naga is a Chartered Accountant by profession and he interviews people who follow their passion to achieve amazing results.
  6. Pankaj : Outliers Podcast
    Pankaj is the co-founder of Factor Daily has been a journalist since 2000. He considers himself a storyteller and in his podcast, he deep dives into his interviews with guests while bringing out insights.
  7. Radhika and Samita: In The Field Podcast
    This show focuses on the Development sector, and they publish fortnightly episodes. Season I has concluded, and after a break of a few months, they will launch Season II which may last from 6 to 9 months.
  8. Rupin: The Right Room Podcast
    Rupin earlier worked in the IT sector and he started comedy as a side hustle 2 years ago. In his show, which he launched in May 2018, he sits down with comics and they seem to have a ball…
  9. Saif : The Musafir Stories
    Saif and his wife launched this travel podcast 18 months ago as a passion project, and the Apple Podcasts charts suggest that the show is doing quite well.
  10. Shankar and Vishnu: The Writer and Geek Show
    Brothers Shankar and Vishnu Talks about the history of things of everyday ocurrance but that bear significance- like the history of coffee.Shankar is a writer and a musician while Vishnu is a techie.
  11. Shivaguru (Shiv): Yet to launch a podcast
    Shiv is a veteran IT professional and Excellence Coach who plans to start a podcast focusing on excellence int the technology sector.
  12. Subramani: Bangalore Bits Show
    Subramani ‘s podcast has been around for a long time — if over three years is a long time period (for podcasting, it certainly is!) and he and his co-host talk about technology issues.

So, what’s next for the group?

Thanks for Saif for organizing the meetup!

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