Beta launch of Mykitaab Podcast

Summary: I launched the MyKitaab Podcast in beta version this week. I’m not sure if other podcasts have done so in the past, and I am also running an A/B test for sign-ups. This post is about the How and the Why I did so.

I am about three weeks away from launching the podcast as on December 17th, 2015. On the content side, I received a very good response from the people I had approached with a request to appear as a guest on the show. As on date, I have 21 recorded episodes, which I am told is a very good number. That also means I have 6 weeks worth of content ready. Considering that there are another 10 or 12 shows in the pipeline over the next three weeks, and I am completely booked till March 2016.

Considering the above, I thought that it would be a great idea to launch the site in beta, and get some feedback. In 24 hours, I had ten signups, which I think is cool: I can do A/B testing with 3 episodes each for two groups split into equal halves. I’ll share the feedback once I get any responses from the listeners.

Any podcasters reading this, what has been your experience in the days prior to the launch? Did you try launching yous tie in beta?

p.s: I also created a video tutorial to help listeners particularly from India understand where and how they can download and/ or stream podcast episodes. You can view it here

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