Kunal, based on our conversations with KukuFM team, they have no idea how ~ 120 plus hours of our (gaathastory) content came on to their platform, which we did not authorise, nor did our media partner. Pleading ignorance is hardly an excuse. Apologizing for missing our messages when we asked them to take down our content is hardly an excuse.

If Kukufm had such a robust content library as they claim, why do FIVE different people from the company approach every other podcaster asking to syndicate content?

Your due diligence needs a re do. Investing in a company that is engaged in copyright violations hardly makes a robust investment for Vertex Ventures or any of the other investors. I challenge your invetment thesis.

Amar, cofounder, gaatha story

Creator- Gaatha Story- Podcast of Children's Stories. Cofounder Kamakshi Media and Author. Husband, dog lover. Country Manager for FSC, India. www.amarvyas.com