How E-Cube Energy Benefitted from Creating a Podcast Series

Creating a Business To Business Podcast

A podcast with a business to business focus is nothing new, but it is certainly a novelty in India. we did not have any previous examples to fall back upon, or any experts who had a track record of doing such shows. The bigger question was, what would be the ROI? There are several podcasts particularly in North America, targeted towards audience who are CFOs, CMOs, research scientists, or managers of nonprofits and institutes. But we needed something that was specific to India. Podcasting is relatively new to India, and less than 100 shows that have been produced in this country so far.

Form Plan To Action

Podcasts can have many formats: a solo show (monologue, like ), interview based (like Entrepreneur on Fire, Mixergy, , Panel discussions (like This Week in Tech), narrative (Startup Podcast), News Reporting, etc…

It’s Showtime!

We launched this series in August 2016, and concluded it in mid-October. We promoted it almost exclusively on LinkedIn, and to some extent, on Twitter. As you can see below, we did not get a lot of listeners. But, they were the most relevant listeners: CFOs, heads of operations, or production professionals.

Results Speak For Themselves

Towards the end of the fourth episode, we began to see some interesting results. Umesh began to get calls from potential customers in textile industry- they wanted to know how E-Cube could help them reduce their energy costs. Customers calling directly was probably the greatest validation that the content was reaching the right audience. More importantly, these were ‘walk in’ leads, with a negligible cost of customer acquisition. Not only that, the timeline for sales process was greatly reduced.

What we learnt from this experience

The biggest reason for the success of this podcast series was that we had identified the target audience, penned down their pain points, and designed a format that was easy to listen to and follow. Marketing it to the right audience was also the key to getting the right results. All in all, it was an experiment that went well because of good design and execution.

Why businesses should launch a podcast



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Amar Vyas

Amar Vyas

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