Ending our Distribution Through Audioboom

Background: partnership with Audioboom

Move to Spreaker

in 2020, Audioboom contributed to over 1.7 million listens for podcasts by gaathastory
We did not make any money from Audioboom in 2020 — in spite of over 1.7 million listens. Their departure from India left a bad taste.
30 Day listenership for podcasts by gaathastory on Audioboom
30 Day listenership via Audioboom for podcasts by gaathastory.
Setting up a Redirect for podcast by gaathastory.
Baalgatha Marathi remains the only active podcast from gaathastory on Audioboom, for which I set up a Redirect.
Checking the RSS feeds for different podcasts across platforms. Podcasts by gaathasatory
Manually updating and checking RSS feeds for podcasts by gaathastory across different platforms

Looking ahead : podcast distribution for gaathastory

16 feeds X 6 major platforms = managing nearly 100 RSS feeds!

What about Other Apps of Platforms?

Saying No to new Channels



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