Audio Blog: Alternatives to CentOs8 — After The Storm

You can listen to the audio blog by clicking below

About this post:

This post is titled “Alternatives to CentOs- After The Storm”, and the theme of this post is as follows:

AI Tools for podcasting: using Text to Speech

You may have noticed that I convert most of my blogs into audio, for which I use a SaaS called For this post, I have used; which uses similar technology but its quality is supposed to be better. their embed player does not work, as I discovered after this post was published. You can read my previous post on Text to Speech, titled,

Word Count: 300. Time taken for this post: 50 minutes including updates prior to publishing and changing audio player later.



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Amar Vyas

Amar Vyas

Creator- Gaatha Story- Podcast of Children's Stories. Cofounder Kamakshi Media and Author. Husband, dog lover. Country Manager for FSC, India.