gaathastory podcast on Spotify : Baalgatha Devgatha, Veergatha and Fairytales of India
gaathastory podcast on Spotify : Baalgatha Devgatha, Veergatha and Fairytales of India
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In February this year, we entered into a two year exclusive agreement with Spotify for four of our podcasts. gaathastory podcast on Spotify include Baalgatha, Devgatha, Veergatha, and Fairytales of India. We launched our exclusive series on April 19th 2021. Over the next 2 years, we plan to publish one new episode every day. Nearly two months into our journey, I thought of sharing some updates and experiences.

Some fun facts and figures:

Number of podcasts: 4

Languages published in: 6

Number of independent audio feeds: 14

Till Mid-April 2023, Number of episodes planned: 730

Note that the first two…

As on February 25th 2021, we have stopped distributing our content through Audioboom. Read to learn what this means for us as a podcast producer and you as a listener.

Background: partnership with Audioboom

Back in 2016, gaathastory and Audioboom practically began our podcasting journeys together in India. Over the years, we published over 15 of our podcasts, including Baalgatha, Devgatha, Veergatha and Fairytales of India. And of course, there was MyKitaab Podcast, the first show produced by gaathastory.

Move to Spreaker

We were on a free / ad supported tier on Audioboom, and while we did generate some revenue by doing so, it was not working…

In recent months, there has been a spurt in the number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based writing tools. Are such tools like Kafkai, Nichess, Snazzy and others here to stay?

Background : AI for copywriting

In August 2020, I had written a post about (and using)Kafkai on my blog. Kafkai is an artificial intelligence based writing tool. This tool helps you prepare drafts for blog posts headlines, social media promotions, etc. At that point in time, The software was in early stages of development left much to be desired. Thepotentiapresented by the idea was exciting. Since then, the market for such tools has evolved, and…

I like exploring new technology products, even though I am not a techie or do not even consider myself to be technologically inclined for that matter. But I love to explore and dabble with new tools, apps, and products, some of which I have started writing about on my blog.

A few days ago, there was a livid discussion in a facebook group for content marketers about the rise of content creation tools that use Artificial Intelligence technologies. Terms like GPT2 and GPT3 were thrown around, and the more vocal members debated the pros and cons of using such tools…

Introduction : Listenership numbers for podcasts by gaathastory in 2020

At gaathastory,we have tried out best to provide quarterly updates for our podcast listenership figures. This information is shared with the podcasting community and also the supporters, champions and listeners of our shows. Coming to listenership for our shows in 2020, the headline news is:

Celebrating 4.5 millions listenship for our podcsats in 2020

Our podcast episodes were listened to over 4.5 million times in 2020 !

Celebration for milestone in listenership for podcasts by gaathastory.
Celebration for milestone in listenership for podcasts by gaathastory.
Image: Pablo Heimplatz | Source: Unsplash

Digging into the listenership numbers

Till the end of this month, we will continue to maintain two sources of audio feeds for our shows, on Spreaker and Audioboom, respectively. Between the two sources of podcast listenership, we received over 3.5 million listens. …

Update to blog by Amar Vyas — All Things Podcasting

At gaathastory, we have always believed in sharing our listener numbers, which includes both ups and downs. Fortunately, we have seen more of the former than the latter since 2016.
I thought of posting a short update on the listener numbers for the previous quarter (July-Sept 2020). While we would have loved to share more, three compulsions prevent us from doing so:

a. We have almost entirely moved away from Audioboom, and now are on Spreaker. But there are some legacy shows and apps like headfone whose listener numbers have to be computed manually. …

Girish Kumar, the creator and host of Mission Shunya podcast, was kind enough to invite me over to his show. We spoke about matters related to sustainability, my interest in forestry, and of course, my work with Forest Stewardship Council.

You can listen to the interview by clicking below.

With this interview, I also realized the need to update my profile given the recent exciting developments (and mention by Prime Minster Modi ji!)

Therefore, I also spent some time updating my profile, which I will publish shortly.

In the meantime, if you would like to connect with me, you can do so below:

Email : amar@



Gaatha story:

Today on a Facebook Group for Podcasters, someone asked a frequently asked question about recording podcast.

“I want to start my podcast. What is a Free tool I can use for recording interviews?”

In other words, they wanted to ask, “How to record a podcast interview using a free recording tool?” This really is a strange and unfortunate question in my opinion. What I do not understand is this fascination with free services many of which are often compromised on features?

How To Record Podcast Interviews

Three years ago, I had written a post on Medium called 7 ways to record podcasts online. Today the…

From sending broadcast messages on WhatsApp to becoming a podcaster with gaatha story… the journey of Chants of India with Sriram.

How many times do you get to hire your former boss to work with you? My guess is, not too often. In that respect, I believe we were lucky. Sriram, my former boss, is now the host of a new podcast we just launched at gaatha story, titled Chants of India by Sriram.

In early 2018, we began to thin of launching of a podcast on meditation and spirituality, which I thought was a good complement to Baalgatha Podcast

Trishul (1978) Image: Wikipedia

Under the weather, on a day with gloomy weather

Today was one of those days when things started on a slow, not to exciting note. I woke up with a fever, which meant that I had to cancel several of my calls and a couple of meetings. The grey skies did not help either. (Though not complaining about the very active monsoons, we need the rains!)

For a change of environment, I thought of watching one of my favourite Bollywood films, Trishul. The word, incidentally, means a Trident in Hindi, and the movie revolves around three lead male protagonists.

It stars Amitabh Bachchan (the actor in the bottom of…

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Creator- Gaatha Story- Podcast of Children's Stories. Cofounder Kamakshi Media and Author. Husband, dog lover. Country Manager for FSC, India.

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